Any owner of hotel, restaurant, bar or cafe is aiming to cut down expenses as much as possible, and to increase the profit thereby. However, there are certain aspects which require a compromise between invested money and efficiency.

One of such aspects is a uniform. Basically, this corporate element should meet three key challenges:

highlighting the personnel among the other people;

improvement of the team spirit;

establishment of hierarchy with precise distinction between managing personnel and executors.

Though cost of the goods is very important, it is far not the only one aspect that should be considered when chosing a uniform. First of all you should pay your attention to quality of the offered products, their wear resistance and durability. Design is another one key factor which should fully reflect the essence of executed duties, and should ensure safety and be convenient for a person.

Our company is ready to offer our customers the best price and quality ratio. We offer products from leading international and Russian brands which will perfectly supplement corporate style, will be unique, quality and durable. You won’t have to buy new uniform sets too often. Our safe, convenient and eye catching products meet all regulations and standards.

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