Processing Equipment

It is impossible to imagine normal and fully functioning of even a small and modest bar, restaurant or cafe without the use of special process equipment that may include:

  • refrigeration equipment;
  • heating units;
  • dishwashing systems;
  • bar units;
  • kitchen equipment;
  • and so on.

It should be kept in mind that usual household appliances won’t do for working with a big stream of orders. That is why it is necessary to purchase only professional systems and appliances that are technically designed for significant loads and scopes. In our catalogues we offer process equipment of this type. You can select all necessary supplies either as a set or as specific, missing items.

When choosing equipment you should keep in mind the future operating conditions – temperature, premise’s area, frequency of operation, etc. It is necessary to understand that these conditions influence not only a certain model, but a manufacturer of the equipment as well. By the way, we offer our clients equipment only from well-known manufacturers that have been popular and in demand among owners of public catering establishments for a long time.

And we offer only the process equipment which meets all standards and regulations prescribed by our legislations including Sanitary Rules and Regulations.

We would be glad to help you with choice and delivery.

Item catalogues

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