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ABEBA is one of the largest and up-to-date manufacturers of footwear in Europe. Long-term experience and high qualification allow to create really convenient orthopaedic footwear which fits perfectly. The footwear is made of specially processed breathing and moisture absorbing leather and a soft lining, features orthopaedic leather insole and soft sole with cushion effect which ensures comfort and health of the feet. Each detail of footwear from ABEBA is specially developed in the company's laboratory and is intended to make footwear for daily use by professionals comfortable and durable. The company has clients in more than 30 countries worldwide. Among the company's customers there are international operators of network hotels and restaurants. ABEBA is one of top suppliers of professional orthopaedic footwear worldwide. The company is always ready to satisfy requirements of the clients thanks to numerous warehouses and manufacturing facilities in several European countries.

Footwear from ABEBA was developed by expert technologists for professionals and for everyday use as well. This footwear may be used anywhere. The company designs new collections every year and follows modern trends and requirements. We would like to present you some series for professional use by all restaurant and hotel services.

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