Usually managers and owners of public catering establishments – restaurants, bars, cafes – do not attend to floor coatings which are actually used in all premises from a lunch hall to back rooms. And this is a serious negligence.

At the best, when choosing material managers are guided by fire safety requirements. It goes without saying that this aspect should be considered first of all because of regular checks by inspecting bodies. However, it should be kept in mind that many modern finishing and building materials are impregnated with special solutions which ensure conformity with fire safety requirements.

On the other hand, floors should meet the other parameters which are important as well, from the practical point of view.

The floor coating should be durable, wearproof, practical, “vandal-proof”, so to say. First of all, not all visitors will care about safety of your property, especially in the establishments which are usually visited by really many people. Secondly, material may be damaged even at luxury restaurants, for example, by women’s heels.

Floor’s material should create the atmosphere of cosiness and should match with the other interior elements.

Moreover, the cost of floor coating should be within the limits of available budget.

Our company offers clients floor materials which meet all above mentioned requirements and are quality, effective, durable, wearproof and affordable.