From the earliest times and till nowadays, porcelain was considered as a symbol of wealth and success. It is not surprising that well-off people prefer china. Modern luxury restaurants adhere to this trend. It goes without saying that china is rather expensive purchase, but it will be repaid by attraction of clients. Porcelain of the best quality proves high level of the restaurant.

Many restaurant keepers and hotel owners wonder where it is better to buy these pricey, but essential goods and what aspects should be considered when choosing them. Contacting our company is one of the best variants for solving this problem. What are our competitive advantages in comparison with competitors?

Our experts will help you to choose the necessary ware for your business from the catalogue. You won’t purchase any superfluous goods, but only the products which will be used regularly.

We offer porcelain from the leaders of the professional market that products will serve you for a long time and won’t require constant additional purchases.

Our prices are quite affordable and flexible. Depending on cooperation conditions (wholesale purchases, loyal customers), the prices may be reduced.

We offer only reliable and durable ware of the highest quality.

Feel free to contact us. We are always ready for cooperation!

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